Note: Availability Planning reservation management isn’t available on all dashboards. Please contact to learn more.

Availability Planning simplifies the setup and maintenance of your schedules with flexible inventory and automatic table assignments.

To use Availability Planning

  1. From the Control Panel tab, click Experiences. Create new experiences or modify existing ones.
  2. Click Availability Planning and create your availability Schedule. Each schedule can have its own customized floor plan and services.
    • Create a Floor Plan in your schedule. You can configure your room layout, table capacities, and the number of tables available.
    • Set up table combinations to accommodate larger parties.
    • Define the days of the week and times you’ll be offering reservations by setting up Services. Customize table blocks, experiences, and online availability in each service’s settings, or by using the Advanced Grid
    • Modify your Pacing and Turn Times to reflect limitations and pacing control before publishing your schedule.
  3. Create a Special Day to customize your floor plans, hours, experiences, and capacity settings for single days.
  4. If you need to close for a particular date, create a Closed Day.


When you’re ready to go live, release your Availability.


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