Note: This feature is only supported for businesses using Availability Planning reservation management.

Seating Options enhances the booking experience by allowing guests to select where they want to sit.

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Adding Seating Options

Add Seating Options to new or existing tables within your Floor Plan. Use the on/off toggle to enable the optional feature for each Floor Plan. 

  1. From the Control Panel, click Availability Planning
  2. Select Add schedule, or click Edit to modify an existing Schedule.
  3. Click the Floor Plan tab at the top of the page.
  4. Select an existing table or click the + icon to create a new table.
  5. Select the Seating Option dropdown.
  6. Choose a Seating Option. 
  7. Repeat these steps for the remaining tables.
    • Select Edit multiple tables for a batch action.
  8. Click Publish Schedule to save your changes.

When toggling on Seating Options for an existing schedule, Tock will automatically attempt to match the name based on your Floor Plan, room, and section names. If you don’t agree with the matched name, you’re able to select your desired Seating Option names from the dropdown.


How do Seating Options work with Table Combinations?

Table Combinations have their own seating options. To modify Seating Options for Table Combinations, delete the combination and create a new one.

What will the guest booking flow look like with Seating Options? 

Guests will see available Seating Options for each Experience. After selecting an Experience, guests choose a date, time, and Seating Option. Availability will adjust to reflect bookable reservations based on their selections. Guests will also see their selected Seating Option on the checkout page. 
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How do Seating Options function on Dashboard?

If a guest selects a Seating Option, it will be visible on their reservation tile. If attempting to move a booking from the guest’s booked Seating Option to a different one, you’ll see a warning, which can be overridden if needed.

The reservation tile in Timeline will continue to reflect the booked seating option. If you want to change the seating option a guest booked, edit the reservation. All changes will be logged in the reservation’s history. When booking a reservation directly from Dashboard you must select a Seating Option, as the “Any” option is only available in the guest booking flow. 

When adding Seating Options, what happens to existing Experiences created for specific seating areas?

We recommend reviewing and consolidating Experiences based on your newly designated Seating Options. When archiving an Experience no longer in use, you must also remove the Experience from tables within your Schedule and republish. If you use multiple schedules or Special Days, you will need to update each Schedule and Special Day separately.

What is the difference between Seating Options and sections? 

Sections are visible on the Timeline and Service tabs of your Dashboard, and are used as an internal tool to organize tables within your Floor Plan. Guests cannot see sections. 

Seating Options are assigned per table, and there can be multiple Seating Options within a section. Guests are prompted to select Seating Options during the booking flow.

Is the Seating Options feature required?

No. Enabling seating options is not required.

Learn more

  • You cannot create custom Seating Option names. For unique seating locations, we recommend creating a separate Experience.
  • View the Consolidating an Experience article to consolidate experiences after enabling Seating Options. 


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