Note: This article discusses a feature available on Dashboards using Availability Planning style reservation management, which is not launched to all customers. Please contact to learn more.

To start offering reservations, create a schedule with availability planning. A schedule is a weekly setup consisting of services, a floor plan, experience assignments, and capacity settings. Once a schedule is created, either save it as a draft to complete later or publish it to apply the Schedule to your Timeline.

Schedules can be up to one year long. You can have multiple schedules published as one time as long as the date ranges do not cross over.

Creating a Schedule

  1. Navigate to Control Panel, and select Availability Planning
  2. Select Add Schedule
    • Give your schedule a Name
    • Select the Start Date and End Date for your schedule
      • Note: schedules can only be set up to 365 days.
  3. If you’re ready to set up your Floor plan, click Continue to floor plan and check out this article for how to set up floor plans
  4. If you’re not ready to set up your Floor plan, click Save as draft
    • This will allow you to save your schedule without publishing it and finish creating it when you’re ready

Duplicating Schedules

Once you have a schedule created, you can duplicate it to easily to extend the date range or make changes without starting from scratch.
Schedules can not over lap. For example, if a currently published schedule ends on July 31st, your next schedule can begin on August 1st. 

  1. Navigate to Control Panel, and select Availability Planning 
  2. Select to Duplicate
  3. Update your Schedule name, Start date, and End date select Duplicate

Existing Reservations

If you had existing reservations that fall within the dates of a new schedule, these reservations will not be affected but will be automatically reassigned to a table that fits them. If a table does not exist that can accommodate that reservation, you will see the reservation under 'unassigned reservations'.


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