Once the integration with Tock and WineDirect is enabled, the two platforms share information about your guest database. All guests are first matched on email address - that’s how the integration determines that two profiles belong to the same guest. 

If information differs between the two platforms, it is updated based on the guidelines below.

In Tock


WineDirect contacts that do not exist as Tock guests are created. 

If a matched guest exists in Tock, but isn’t labeled as a “Tock profile,” then WineDirect contact information is used to update missing information on the Tock profile.

If a matched guest exists as a “Tock profile,” then only wine club membership and contact notes are pulled in from WineDirect.

Fields updated:

  • Phone
  • Address (city, state, ZIP, country)
  • WineDirect membership - the name of the WineDirect club(s) a guest belongs to
  • WineDirect notes - contact notes from WineDirect

In WineDirect


Tock guests with reservations that do not exist as WineDirect contacts are created in WineDirect. 

Existing WineDirect contacts are matched on email address and are updated by Tock.

A contact will not be created from a Tock guest without an email address.

Fields updated:

  • Phone
  • Address (city, state, ZIP, country)
  • Email status - if a guest has opted into receiving email marketing from a business, this is set to “Single Opt In”


Tock reservations and walk-ins are created as “orders” in WineDirect.

Order level

Fields updated:

  • Order type - populates as “Reservation”
  • Contact ID - the corresponding WineDirect contact ID found or created by Tock 
  • Order created date - the date the reservation was made in Tock
  • Order shipped date - the date of service for the Tock reservation
  • Billing email address
  • Billing name (first name, last name)
  • Billing phone
  • Billing address (city, state, ZIP, country)
  • Shipping email address
  • Shipping name (first name, last name)
  • Shipping phone
  • Shipping address (city, state, ZIP, country) - shipping address is set to the same value as billing address (when address is known for the Tock guest)
  • Order notes - visit notes from the Tock reservation
  • Subtotal
  • Tax
  • Total
  • Payment type - set to “OnAccount”

Item level

Fields updated:

  • Quantity
  • Product name - the name of the Tock experience or add-on
  • Product SKU - a SKU identifier automatically generated by Tock which includes the experience ID and experience or add-on name. (e.g. “Tock-1821-Current Release”)
  • Price
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