Note:  Integrations are not available on all plans. Please contact to learn more.

Tock offers 3 Google integrations

  • Google Knowledge Panel
  • Reserve with Google 
  • Google Analytics

With these integrations, you can collect valuable insights for your business while providing a seamless booking flow for guests viewing your Google business profile.

Google Knowledge Panel

The Google Knowledge Panel is an information box that appears on the results page when searching an entity on Google. Tock’s integration adds an booking link to your business’ Google Knowledge Panel.

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When onboarding as a new Tock business, your booking link will be automatically added to your Google Knowledge Panel. Note that it can take 1-2 weeks for the link to display. Reservation Availability must be turned on.

Reserve with Google

With Reserve with Google, guests can book a Tock reservation through Google Search, Maps, or Assistant. The Reserve with Google button is available for free Tock experiences only. The “Reserve a table” verbiage on the booking button cannot be customized.

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Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, you can track how your audience is finding you, along with the actions they take once they’ve reached your site. With the Tock integration, you can track user events that occur on your individual business page. View this article to learn more.


Please contact for any of the following:

  • To have your Tock booking link removed from your business’ Google Knowledge Panel.
  • To have Reserve with Google disabled for your business.
  • General questions about our Google integrations.
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