Note:  Integrations are not available on all plans. Please contact to learn more.

Tock partners with Toast to offer a real-time, two-way integration for US businesses.

Getting Started

The Tock and Toast POS integration is initiated through your Toast account by adding Tock to the Integrations page of your Toast dashboard. Note: not all Toast plans include integrations. Please contact your Toast representative for more information.

Once this step is complete, Toast will send Tock an API key, which we will use to activate the integration for your account.

Within ~24 hours, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Tock, and can then proceed with the steps below to complete the integration setup in your Tock dashboard.

Integration Setup

  1. Navigate to ​Other Payment Options​ in Toast’s dashboard and add "Tock".Image_2020-08-11_at_2.45.30_PM.png
  2. Next, set the Treat as Discount setting to "Yes".


Match information in Tock and Toast

For data to map correctly between the two systems, the following information needs to match exactly:

  • Table Settings - Table names and/or numbers
  • Employees - Server names 

In Tock: 


In Toast: Image_2020-08-11_at_2.49.37_PM.pngImage_2020-08-11_at_2.49.49_PM.png

Enable real-time check creation

Once the above is configured correctly, toggle Enable real-time order creation “on” from the Toast section of the Tock Dashboard Integrations page.


Recommended Settings for Tock Prepayment 

  • In Toast, ensure your Receipt setup → Print payments is set to Show all completed payments on a customer’s full check, printed from orders screen
  • Present a printed check to the guest, showing the Tock payment, and have the server or host verbally acknowledge the prepaid amount has been applied to the check
  • If you don’t add an automatic service fee, consider setting Toast to display suggested tip amounts on the bottom of printed checks. The tip amounts suggested will be calculated based on the full subtotal, prior to Tock prepayment

Additional recommendations when using Tock prepaid reservations 

  • Ensure your Tock and Toast settings for tax and service charge match exactly
  • If using automatic service charge, select the corresponding Toast service charge option from the Tock Dashboard Integrations page Toast section.

Before Going Live

Before using the integration during a live service, book a test reservation or walk-in, then seat it in Tock to ensure a Toast check opens as expected.

See what this flow should look like by viewing the recording available in this Overview article.

Steps to Test

  1. Book a deposit reservation
  2. Seat the reservation in Tock on a table with an assigned server
  3. Confirm a check has opened in Toast with the correct party size on the correct table and under the correct server, and with the Tock prepayment credited (check should have negative balance)
  4. Close/pay the check in Toast
  5. Confirm the party status in Tock has been updated to “Paid” or “Finished” (based on Tock Dashboard Integrations page Toast section settings)


What information is pulled from Toast into Tock?

  • Tock pulls the full itemized check details, all the tenders, including the amount paid in-store, gift cards redeemed through Toast, check open and close times.

Do servers need to associate a check with a reservation or walk-in?

  • No. By design, the automatically created Toast check is associated with the Tock seated party - no need to match checks! However, if there are checks first created in Toast, rather than by Tock, they will need to be manually associated via the ​​Tock Dashboard Point of Sale​ report.

Will automatic-check creation work if the internet is down?

  • No. A check will not be created if the internet is down. Tock service is designed to work offline, so it will never block the seating of a guest. Toast checks will need to be manually opened, with any prepayment manually added. Once the internet is stable, Toast checks will need to be manually associated via the ​Tock Dashboard Point of Sale​ report.

Will sales reports match for unmapped revenue centers (RVCs)?

The ​Tock Dashboard Point of Sale​ report only pulls data for RVCs mapped and closed to your Tock floor plan tables. Sales for unmapped rooms, such as a private dining room, will not appear in your Tock reports.

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