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Real-time status updates and the automated handling of prepaid reservations makes it easy for your front-of-house team to provide personalized service and hospitality.

Note: Toast may update their system at any time without notice. If you need further assistance with a Toast setting, we recommend reaching out to Toast support.

Host Actions

Once a guest is seated in Tock and an associated check has been created, that action cannot be undone. Therefore, as a best practice we recommend the following order of operations: 

  1. Greet and physically seat your guests (allowing them an opportunity to request table changes)
  2. Seat the party in Tock, which will automatically open a check in Toast ready for the server. (Servers must be assigned to tables in Tock prior to seating in order to open under the correct server in Toast.)

See what this flow should look like by viewing the recording available in this Overview article.


Throughout the meal, you can check Tock for real-time details of what each table in the dining room has ordered:

  1. Click on a reservation in your guest list and then click on the “show details” arrows next to the guest name
  2. Select the Check tab to see all items ordered
  3. When the check for a table is paid in Toast, the table status in Tock will automatically update to “Paid” or “Finished,” based on the settings in your Tock Dashboard Integrations page’sToast settings.


Server Actions

When a guest is seated at your table, a Toast check with the following information will open automatically: 

  • Guest Name
  • Party Size
  • Table Number
  • Server Name
  • Prepayment applied as tender

You can treat the open check normally, but note the Tock prepayment has already been applied. You’ll need to ring in and collect payment for items ordered on-site. If menu items were pre-ordered and paid for in Tock, you’ll also need to manually ring those items into the Toast check in order to fire the order to your bar/kitchen. This will allow you to have the cost accounted for, and canceled out by the Tock prepayment automatically applied to the check.

Note: Checks in Toast will close if the Tock prepayment exactly equals the amount rung in manually. You will have to reopen the check to add additional items:




In-Service Tips

A check was manually created in Toast, but then the party was seated in Tock, creating a duplicate check.

  • Servers should wait for the auto-opened check to appear in Toast before they start ringing in items for the party.

We sat the party in Tock, creating a Toast check, but then the party moved to a different table and the Toast check table number is now incorrect.

  • Once the table is sat in Tock, unseating and reseating, or moving to a different table, will not result in a new Toast check. Instead, the original auto-created Toast check will need to be modified directly in Toast.

I see multiple checks open on a table, why is this happening?

  • Please be sure to fully close out the Toast check before seating a new party at the same Tock table, so multiple checks don’t get assigned to a single table.

Tock created checks are opening under a “Bar” or “To Go” server.

  • Be sure to assign servers to Tock tables before seating, as the auto-created check relies on this assignment when opening the Toast check. If no server was assigned to the check, it will open in Toast under whatever your Toast default server is set to.

“Ready in XX minutes” is displaying on Tock created checks.

  • This text will not show on printed guest checks. Provided you don’t offer takeout via Toast online orders and don’t use this Toast functionality, you can remove this text from Toast checks by updating your Toast quote time strategy to 0 minutes for takeout orders.

There’s a Toast pop-up notification every time a party is seated in Tock.

Items added to auto-created Toast checks aren’t firing to the bar/kitchen.

Need further assistance? Click Help in the top right of your Tock Dashboard to see how you can contact our support team.

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