There are two ways to book a reservation from your Tock Dashboard:

  • Using the Blue Book reservation button.
  • Directly on Timeline.

This article explains how to book a reservation using the blue Book reservation button.

For steps on booking directly on Timeline, view Booking a Reservation on Timeline.

Booking with the Blue Book reservation button 

To book a reservation using the Blue Book reservation button:

  1. From the Reservations tab, click either Timeline or Service.
  2. Click the blue Book reservation button in the top-right.
  3. Select the date and party size you’d like to book.
  4. From the right-side panel, select the time and experience. Switch on the overbooking toggle to view more bookable slots.
  5. Enter the guest's name, email, or phone number to search for an existing guest profile, or click + Add to create a new guest profile.
  6. Add or edit the guest and visit notes.
  7. If booking on behalf of a concierge or other third party, switch on the optional toggle to Add separate reservation owner. Switch on the optional toggle to Exclude party from pacing limits, if applicable.
  8. In the top-right, review the party size, date and time. Use the pencil icon to edit this information as needed.
  9. Click Continue to payment for prepaid and deposit bookings or Complete Reservation for free bookings.
  10. Select menu items or add-ons, if available, and add custom charges or discounts as needed.
  11. If a form of payment is due, choose for the guest to Pay now or Pay later, or send them an Email invite or Text invite
    • To Pay now, enter the guest's credit card information towards the bottom of the screen.
    • If the guest will Pay later, no payment is being collected at the time of booking. Payment will be collected at a later time or through other means outside of Tock.
    • If sending an Email invite or Text invite, set an expiration. Bookings will be held until the expiration, appearing as an orange tile on your Timeline until the guest finalizes the booking. Guests will be prompted to accept the invite and checkout online. Menu items or add-ons can be selected by the guest at checkout.
  12. Click Complete reservation.
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