Note: This article discusses a feature not launched to all customers. Please contact to learn more.

What is the online walk-in waitlist?

This feature allows guests to join your waitlist online, before they arrive at your business.

How do guests add themselves to my online waitlist? 

Guests click Join Walk-In Waitlist from your business page. 

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What do guests receive once added to the waitlist? 

Guests will receive a text message confirming that they've been added. They can also track how many parties are ahead.

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What if a guest needs to remove themselves from the waitlist?

Guests can text “9” to remove their spot. 

Where can I see my walk-in waitlist? 

  1. From the Reservations tab, click Timeline or Service.
  2. From the Guests sub-tab, click the walk-in icon in the bottom-left.

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What is the difference between walk-in (online) and walk-in? 

Walk-in (online) are guests who joined the walk-in waitlist through your page. Regular walk-ins are internally added to your Dashboard when a party physically walks into your business. 

Does Tock automatically create a quoted wait time? 

No. When adding a walk-in on the Dashboard, you’ll have the option to set a quoted wait time for the party. This is manually calculated by your team. 

What is the difference between "Sort by Arrival" and "Sort by Quoted"? 

Sorting by "arrival" is based on when the guest is added to the waitlist (whether online or through the Dashboard). This is the preferred method. Sorting by "quoted" is based on the party’s quoted wait time.

How can I manually remove a walk-in? 

Click the party in the walk-in list, then click the red remove button. This action cannot be reversed. 

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What is the difference between the Requests Waitlist tab and Guest Waitlist tab?

The Requests Waitlist contains guests who added themselves to the waitlist for sold out Experiences. The Guests Waitlist is for walk-in availability. 

Will the waitlist feature automatically turn off when my business is closed? 

No. You’ll need to manually turn off the online waitlist function during closed hours. View this article for details on enabling and disabling this feature.



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