Note: This feature is only supported for businesses using Availability Planning reservation management

Re-assigning and seating parties from Timeline allows you to control the flow of reservations and walk-ins for a single date.

Re-assigning parties from Timeline

  1. From the Reservations tab, click Timeline.
    • On the Timeline grid, a booked party is designated by a long rectangle (or multiple rectangles if booked on multiple tables) displaying the guest’s name and experience booked. 
    • To the immediate left, you’ll see the assigned table and table capacity.
  1. To re-assign, click or tap on the booking’s rectangle.
  2. Drag the reservation to a new table, then release.

Unassigned Bookings

If a reservation could not be automatically pre-assigned to a table, it will appear within the Unassigned reservations section on Timeline. You’ll also see a red exclamation point next to the guest’s name on Timeline, and within the guest list in the left-side panel. Utilize the instructions above to drag and drop an unassigned reservation to a table within Timeline. Learn more about unassigned reservations by reviewing the Creating Schedules for Availability Planning article. 

Re-assigning parties from the Service tab

  1. From the Reservations tab, click Service.
    • Each booked party will be listed within Guests > Upcoming. Depending on your configuration, you’ll either see an existing table pre-assignment on the right of each reservation, a crossed arrow, or an exclamation point if the booking is unassigned.

Copy of Tock Dashboard 2024-04-24 at 10.40.16 AM.png Copy of Tock Dashboard 2024-04-24 at 10.39.37 AM.png

  1. Tap or click the table number, arrow, or exclamation point, then select the table from the floor plan that you would like to pre-assign. 


  1. If needed, select multiple tables to assign a party to more than one table.

Using Batch Pre-assign from the Service tab

Use Batch pre-assign to efficiently change multiple pre-assignments in one batch.

  1. From the Reservations tab, click Service.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, click Batch pre-assign.
  3. On each reservation you'd like to re-assign, tap or click the table number, crosshair, or exclamation point, then drag and drop to the table you'd like to assign.
  4. Once the batch of desired tables has been assigned, click Close in the top-right corner to finalize.

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Seating parties

  1. Click the party in the guest list you'd like to seat.
  2. To seat a party:
    • Click and drag the reservation to a table.
    • Right click on the reservation or long press on touch devices and click Seat.

Moving seated parties to a different table

  1. Find the party you need to move on the floor plan.
  2. Click and drag them to a different table.



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