DoorDash Delivery FAQ

Tock has integrated with DoorDash to provide delivery at no cost to you. Below are frequently asked questions.

How do guests book?

Guests book a DoorDash delivery like any other experience.

How do guests manage their order?

Guests may view and manage their order within Tock, like any other order or reservation. The DoorDash driver will be contacting guests by phone or text to arrange for delivery.

What if a guest needs to edit their order?

If a guest needs to edit their order before it’s out for delivery, they may contact you directly. Once the order is out for delivery, the guest can no longer edit it. Note that orders cannot be rescheduled once they are placed. If the order needs to be rescheduled to a different date or time, we recommend canceling and rebooking the guest.

How much earlier does the food need to be ready?

The DoorDash delivery driver will arrive 30 minutes ahead of the delivery time. Within Service, Tock will show each order in the section 30 minutes ahead of when the delivery is due to be completed. For example, a delivery order for 7:00pm will show up in Service under Orders at 6:30pm.

How much does this cost me?

There is no fee or cost to you. The cost of the delivery is paid entirely by the guest. 

How much will guests be charged?

Your guests will be charged base $7.00 USD for delivery within a 5-mile radius plus $1.00 per mile for each additional mile up to 8-miles total 1,2

1 Pricing: Manhattan ($5.75), California ($9 base), Canada ($8.50 CAD + applicable provincial taxes). 20% Gratuity added as default for driver. 2 Radius: 8 miles, except San Francisco (3 miles), Manhattan (2 miles), Brooklyn, Queens, Jersey City, Bronx (2.5 miles).

What about gratuity?

Guests are able to add gratuity during the checkout flow, all of which goes to DoorDash and their couriers. While gratuity is optional, 20% is presented as the default choice. 

Can I add an option for guests to add gratuity for my staff when using DoorDash?

A way to configure optional gratuity that will go to your restaurant is by using add-ons. You can create optional add-ons for set dollar amounts that guests can choose to add to their order. A way to configure mandatory gratuity is by adding a custom fee to your To Go experience. Guests will be required to pay this fee when checking out.

Will I get a notification about the driver arriving/being late?

The delivery order status in Service will automatically update with the following statuses:

  • Driver Assigned - DoorDash has assigned a delivery driver to the order.
  • Driver En Route - the DoorDash delivery driver is on the way to your restaurant.
  • Driver Arrived - the DoorDash delivery driver has arrived at your restaurant and is ready to pick up the delivery order. 
    • The driver will provide the name and order number when picking up the order.
  • Out for Delivery - the DoorDash delivery driver has picked up the order and is en route to the diner.
  • Completed - the DoorDash delivery driver has delivered the order to the diner.
  • Cancelled - the delivery order has been cancelled.
  • No Show - the diner was not home to receive the delivery order.

What if my guests have an issue with their delivery?

If a guest has questions about their order, they may contact you. If they have questions or problems with the delivery, they will be directed to contact DoorDash directly. The confirmation page and email will let guests know how and who to reach out to for help.

What is the support line number at DoorDash?

For any issues please contact DoorDash’s support line at (855) 973-1040.


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