Below are some frequently asked questions when working in Availability Planning.


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Details Tab 

How can I publish a schedule indefinitely?

Schedules require a start date for the first day reservations are available and an end date for the last day bookable reservations. Schedules can run for a maximum of 365 days. You can duplicate a schedule multiple times as long as dates do not overlap. 

Floor Plan tab 

How do I change a table name?

Once a schedule is published, you can Duplicate the table within the Floor plan tab of the Availability Planning schedule to adjust the table name. For more information, check out this article about building floor plans.

Why can’t I book for a larger party via the Blue book icon? 

Availability is configured through the Availability Planning tab. To book larger party sizes, you can add table combinations within the Floor plan of the schedule as outlined in this help center article.

Table Availability  

How do I block tables?

You have the ability to block tables for an entire service or for certain periods of time. You can block tables within Availability Planning in advance of your first service of the day as outlined in this article. Once your first service starts, any day-of table blocks should be made in Timeline.

Publishing a schedule

What happens to existing reservations when publishing new schedules?

If there are existing reservations that fall within the dates of a new schedule, these reservations will still exist when creating your new schedule. When publishing your new schedule, these reservations will be automatically reassigned to a table that fits them. If a table does not exist that can accommodate that reservation, you will see the reservation under 'Unassigned reservations'. For more information, check out this article about creating and duplicating schedules.

What does it mean to publish a schedule?

Publish a schedule when you are ready to make that reservation availability live. You can always move a schedule back to drafts if you want to remove it from public view. Below are a few things to keep in mind when publishing schedules.

  1. Publishing a schedule alone does not release reservations to the public. Visit the Availability page to configure your availability window and make reservations visible to guests, as outlined in this article
  2. Ensure that you publish a schedule in advance of the first service start date and time
  3. When changing the dates of a published schedule, please note the following scenarios:
    • Any overlapping dates that stayed the same, won’t change
    • Any original dates that fall outside the new date range will be cleared
    • Any new dates that fall outside the old date range will apply as normal
    • For example, your original published schedule was 6/1-6/30. You change the dates of that schedule to be 6/15-7/15
      • 6/1-6/14 will get cleared
      • 6/15-6/30 will stay the same
      • 7/1-7/15 will get applied
    • If you want to extend the end date of an existing published schedule, we recommend only moving the end date and leaving the start date as is, to avoid any confusion of the scenarios mentioned above
    • The only time we recommend changing the start date of a published schedule is if you want to clear the availability on all dates prior to that start date 

Why won’t my schedule publish?

When the Publish schedule button is blue, the schedule can be published. Below are a few things to check if this button is still greyed out:

  • Check that the schedule can only be published when a change has been made 
  • Check if there is a red dot in the Details tab. This may indicate an error in Start or End date
  • Check to see if there is a yellow dot within the Services tab. This may indicate an Experience needs to be assigned to tables. This can be done within each service, as outlined in this article. 
  • If you have two services (i.e. Brunch and Dinner service), the system allows for a full turn before the second service can begin.
    • If the Brunch service is 10AM-2PM with two hour turn times, the Dinner service can begin at 4pm to allow for the last reservation start time a full turn.

Why aren’t my updates live for today’s date?

When publishing a schedule, changes will happen immediately, but starting on tomorrow’s date. Since changes to today may affect the current service, the system allows you to toggle “Publish to today’ for the changes to happen immediately.

Special Day

How can I make changes to my floor plan or start/end time for one day?

Special Days allow you to create a schedule for a day with different availability.  This help center article allows you to optimize on unique offerings. As a helpful tip, you will want to create all availability within the Special Day (i.e. Brunch and Dinner services).

Closed Day 

How can I remove a Closed Day?

To remove a Closed day from the Availability Planning tab, select the trashcan icon found to the right of the given closed day. This will add availability from the schedule on the Timeline.

More information regarding Closed Days is available in this help center article.

Availability tab

How can I set reservations to only be available for the next 30/60/90 days? 

Through the Availability tab, you can customize the availability to allow guests to view and book your offerings. There are two options: 

  • Manual date range allows all offering visibility between now and the specific date set to be visible to your guests.
  • Automatic rolling dates allow all offering visibility between the total number of calendar days that will be bookable in the rolling window. 

This help center article provides additional information relating to releasing reservations

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