Note: This article discusses a feature available on Dashboards using Availability Planning reservation management, which is not launched to all customers. Please contact to learn more.

Once you have created a service within your Schedule, you can customize Table Availability to fit your business needs. Tables built within the Floor plan can have the following settings updated within each service: 

  • Change the experience applied to the table 
  • Offer table for online bookings
  • Offer table for in-house only bookings
  • Block the tables availability 
  • Optimize table availability
  • Mark table as Inactive 

Configuring Table Availability within a Service 

  • Navigate to Control Panel and then Availability Planning 
  • Select the Edit button on the schedule
  • Select Services in the top panel
  • Click on the service that you want to edit
  • Click on the pencil icon for Table Availability  
  • Edit a single table or multiple tables at once 
    • To edit a single table, click directly on the table to see the simple edit menu
    • To edit multiple tables, select the pencil icon. Next select each table you’d like to edit or use the drop down menu to select different configurations. Click the Edit Selected Tables button and choose action from the drop down menu. Apply changes.  
  • Once updates are completed for this service’s Table Availability, Save and repeat as needed within each service. 

Changing the experience applied 

Tables can have one experience applied at a time. You will be able to choose from any of your Active experiences. Experiences that are Archived will not show in the drop down list. 

Offering tables for online bookings

Tables set as Available will be able to be booked by guests online and by your in-house team for the full time range of the service. 

Offering tables for in-house only bookings

Tables that are marked as in-house only will only be available by your internal team. This is a great feature for you to use if your business has large tables or table combinations that you would prefer to only be booked through your team. 

Blocking table availability 

Tables that are blocked will not show as bookable by guests online or through the blue Book Now icon by your internal team. Blocked tables are bookable by booking directly on the Timeline. 

Optimizing table availability

The optimize table availability feature allows you to set tables that are marked as in-house only and release these tables to the public to book reservations at a set time before the reservation if not already booked. Check out this article for how to set up table combinations. 

Marking table as Inactive 

Tables that are marked Inactive will no longer be bookable by guests online or by your internal team. Inactive tables will not show on the Timeline but will show on the Service view. These tables will not be bookable however, you are able to seat parties during service to them. When a table is inactive it will be gray with no icons attached. 

Understanding Table Availability Icons and Colors  

  • Available - Table with no icon and has a color is set 
  • In-house only - Table with white House icon 
  • Blocked - Table with Blocker icon 
  • Optimized - Table with blue icon with House or Blocker icon within
  • Partially blocked - Table with Blocker icon with dashes on the outer border 
    • To see what times the table is partially blocked, you can use the Advanced Grid. Check out this article that goes over how to use the Advanced Grid. 

Note: You can change the color of your Experiences to help you while planning your Table Availability. From the General Information tab of the Experience, select an Experience color from the drop down menu. Check out this article for more information about setting up Experiences.

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